Linz heatwave alters Under 23 Championships schedule

The 2013 World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria started with exciting races and a slight change in schedule due to the hot conditions.

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The Races

The Austrian Team Team

The Opening Ceremony

Rowing Under 23 Championships start with a colourful opening ceremony in Linz

Top sportswomen and -men from 52 nations will be attending the opening ceremony of the World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Linz-Ottensheim. The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, July 23, 7 pm at the square next to the ARS Electronica Center – the so called “museum of the future”.

The opening ceremony will be hosted by Ernst Hausleitner – an Austrian TV sports commentator. The Band “AAra” will entertain with extraordinary pop beats by using extraordinary instruments. 

Weather information online

As of now current weather information for download will be provided on our website under the menu item "General Information/Weather".  

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The regatta venue during the World Rowing Under23 Championships:

Kiwis are the early birds: Team New Zealand arrived first at the regatta venue

The sportsmen and women from New Zealand were the first team arrive in Linz-Ottensheim, on 10 July. Since then, the 29 athletes have been preparing on site for the competition, while 24 sportsmen and women from Canada are having their last training sessions in Carinthia (Southern Austria), before joining their colleagues in Linz-Ottensheim. In the meantime, the Upper Austrian Sports Minister Michael Strugl met with some members of the Austrian Team (12 in total) to wish them all the best for their races. 

The New Zealand Men’s Under 23 Eight © rubra
Upper Austrian Sports Minister wishes "his" team good luck for the races © rubra

Attention: New schedule for the shuttle service!

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The schedule for the shuttle service between the team hotels and the regatta course has been updated. 

Download: updated schedule. 

Regatta venue Linz-Ottensheim: Green sports center “by the blue Danube”

“By the beautiful blue Danube” is the name of a waltz by composer Johann Strauss. Despite the fact that the Danube is more green than blue, it is green in every sense.

Environment protection is an important matter in both host cities, and not only during the World Rowing Under 23 Championships. 

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Linz & Ottensheim: A Highlight not just for athletes

The host cities of the 2013 Worldrowing U23-Championships have a lot to offer for its visitors. 

Linz is where you can find beautiful stucco facades from earlier times side by side with interesting new buildings of appealing architectural styles with futuristic lighting.

In Ottensheim, the Danube is not just offering a competition venue for rowers and canoeists but also several possibilities to relax and enjoy the nature.

More information for visitors can be found here. 

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After the flood: Regatta venue will be ready for the U23 Championships

At the beginning of June, Austria was hit by a once-in-a-hundred-years flood. Therefore, the regatta venue of the 2013 World Rowing U23 Championships faced enormous damages. Seven weeks before the big sport event, the whole venue was under water. With the help of several volunteers and the local fire brigades, a big part of the venue has already been cleaned up and the restoration works are in progress. The clean up operations will be finished by the 14th of July, thus the 2013 World Rowing U23 Championships can take place as planned.

More information and photos can be found here.

The regatta venue (at the top on the right) before the flood... ©
... and after the flood. ©

On site bike rental for coaches

Always being ahead – that’s not only every sportsmen and women’s goal, but also the goal of coaches who need to take care of their protégés. In order for the coaches to better follow the races on the cycle path right next to the 2000-meter regatta-venue, the organizing committee decided to offer a bike rental service. Coaches will have the choice between a daily or weekly rental. This will help guarantying an optimal support for the sportsmen and women and it is environmentally friendly. Find more information here.

Video: Regatta-Feeling @ Linz-Ottensheim

You can’t wait for the opening of the 2013 World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Linz-Ottensheim? Take a look at this short video from the “2011 Coupe de la Jeunesse” that took place in Linz-Ottensheim and get a sense for what this great regatta venue has to offer!


Headlines from the finish line: Accreditation for media

Accreditation for media: simple via FISA- and OC-form 

You are media representative and want to report on the 2013 Worldrowing Under 23 Championships while watching the race from the finish line? Then accredit now! The venue in Linz-Ottensheim is equipped with a media-centre and work stations for journalists on the media grandstand.

All information about accreditation for international and local media can be found under the menu item “accreditation”

Be there when sportsmen and -women become world champions!

Order your tickets easy and quick via online-form

Don’t miss this unforgettable sport event of the summer: Up to 900 sportsmen and –women from about 60 countries are expected to join the Worldrowing Under 23 Championships on the regatta-course in Linz-Ottensheim. Be there when sportsmen and –women are competing with each other in order to win the title „world champion“. Order your ticket now easy and quick via our online-form and pick them up without stress upon arrival at the venue. 

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We are looking for helping hands - Volunteers

Not just sportsmen and -women have the chance to join the World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Linz-Ottensheim:

In order to make our event a big succsess, the Organising Comittee is looking for about 200 volunteers that would like to help during, before an after the competition-days (between saturday, 20th July and monday, 29th July 2013).

Interested? Here you can find more information!

First impression of the regatta course

Amazing pictures of the venue provided by the Rowing Club of Ottensheim.

Do you want to get a first look at Austria's most modern regatta course? Then take a look at the short promotion video on youtube, which was made by the Rowing Club of Ottensheim. Join the club’s rowers in their boats and check out the World Rowing Under 23 Championships venue.

Start the race after a restful night – team accommodation

A lot of hotels around the regatta course guarantee a silent night for sportsmen and –women – and thus hopefully best times.

From 4-star hotels with a view over the Danube river to low-priced but comfortable youth hostels: Around 1550 beds in close range to the regatta course are exclusively offered to the team-members. Another 280 beds are reserved for national delegations and officials. All accomodations are situated within 20 kilometres around the venue.


Each team’s accommodation must be booked via the Organising Committee. The booking services for teams will be available from April 1, 2012 via internet under the following website:

Website OÖ-Touristik

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2013 World Rowing Under 23 Championships website is online!

Welcome to the website of the 2013 World Rowing Under 23 Championships, which will take place between 24. – 28 July at the Austrian regatta course in Linz-Ottensheim. On this website the Organizing Committee will provide all necessary information for teams and spectators. Additional information can be found on the sites of the World Rowing Federation FISA. Links to this additional information can also be found on our website. For questions or suggestions for improvements please don’t hesitate to contact us via  E-Mail.